Martin Schoeller + Woody Allen

Martin Schoeller recently photographed Woody Allen for the German magazine, Stern.

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Braschler/Fischer + Guardian Magazine + Dubai International Airport

Braschler/Fischer recently traveled to Dubai to cover 24 hour in the life of Dubai International Airport, documenting both staff and passengers. They are the first photographers in residence at DXB, capturing the ways the airport connects the people of the world. The photographs were featured in The Guardian Weekend Magazine this past Saturday!

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Floto+Warner + Architectural Digest + Anna Betbeze

Floto+Warner were recently commissioned by Architectural Digest to photograph NYC-based artist Anna Betbeze for their April 2015 issue.

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f+w_Anna Betbeze_AD_9890

f+w_Anna Betbeze_AD_0332-

Martin Schoeller Print + Broadcast for Southwest Airlines

For his third campaign with Southwest Airlines, Martin Schoeller partnered up with Austin-based GSD&M to shoot both broadcast and print.  With Southwest’s acquisition of AirTran now complete, the airline takes its place as the No. 2 carrier at the Atlanta airport. The campaign features real Atlanta-based Southwest employees.

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Floto+Warner + Real Simple

Floto+Warner recently traveled to Nashville to photograph Abby and David Gordon’s home for Real Simple. The Gordon house is lofty and bright now, but when bought in 2013, it was anything but. Check out the February 2015 issue to see this radical renovation.

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f+w_Gordon Res_RS_1938 10-02-48


f+w_Gordon Res_RS_2197 10-02-48

Anne Ulku + Artcrank

Anne recently featured her Artcrank work on her blog. In celebration of this year’s Artcrank Poster Party, Anne discusses her involvement over the past few years and the process and thinking that went into creating the posters.

“It got me thinking about all the fun experiences I’ve been able to be a part of with Artcrank over the past years. Artcank is a poster party for bike people. Charles Youel, who created the idea, curates a selection of artists to participate in the show to create a poster on the theme of bikes. He does this within a variety of cities throughout the US, as well as some worldwide. It’s an amazing organization and I have always been a huge supporter.” – Anne Ulku

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Martin Schoeller + Communication Arts

An interview with Martin Schoeller is now featured in the March 2015 issue of Communication Arts. In this article, Martin reflects on his early career, the portrait that started it all, and his approach to the craft.

“Immediately upon walking into Schoeller’s workspace, it’s evident he is in the midst of something remarkable. Every inch of the walls is pasted with images; even more are arranged on a posterboard in the corner. As I peruse the photographs, he explains that he is editing and sequencing his newest book, Portraits , which is a collection of the last fifteen years of his magazine photography. Eschewing the “big head” images that made him famous, Schoeller’s latest work is focused on his more conceptual portraits. A dizzying array of Hollywood stars, politicians, musicians and athletes, the images are unified by the boldness of Schoeller’s ideas and the strength of his compositions.”

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Julia Fullerton-Batten Retrospective at Randall Scott Projects

Julia will be having her third solo exhibition at Randall Scott Projects gallery in West Baltimore, Maryland beginning on March 27th through April 25th. The exhibition, Julia Fullerton-BattenSelected Images 2004-2014 will feature work from some of Julia’s best known series, Teenage Stories, School Play, In Between, Awkward, A Testament to Love, amongst others.

“Best known for her ground breaking series Teenage Stories (2005-2006) London based, Julia Fullerton-Batten explores the complex emotional, physical and social transitions experienced by adolescent girls. Teenage Stories depicted a young girls passing into the beginnings of adolescence where the reality of responsibility and the non-reality of the fantasy life of a young child played themselves out in domestic/suburban scenes. Her images contrasted through scale and dis-belief, placed her subjects in a dream world where reality and fantasy coexist.”

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Greg Williams Print + Motion for DAKS

Greg Williams teamed up with London fashion label DAKS to shoot both print and motion for the SS14 and AW14 campaigns. To celebrate their 120th anniversary, DAKS featured British music and fashion icon Paul Weller and his daughter Leah Weller. Both campaigns were shot in Brighton and include exclusive video performances from Paul and Leah singing Paul Weller classic songs “You Do Something to Me” and “Wildwood”. Be sure to check out these videos below!

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Erik Almås + Høie of Scandinavia

Erik Almås recently traveled to his native country of Norway to photograph a campaign for Høie of ScandinaviaWith tall grasses and low laying fog, Erik hoped to create intimacy in an airy and dreamy setting while still making sure the images came across as Scandinavian in nature and feel. Be sure to check out a behind the scenes video below.

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