Martin Schoeller + Geo Magazine

Martin Schoeller was recently commissioned by German Magazine Geo to photograph his signature close ups for a cover story on mixed race. The photos were featured in an 8-page spread in their September 2015 Issue. Click to see more images below the fold.

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Martin Schoeller + Steve Carell + Esquire España

Martin Schoeller’s photograph of actor Steve Carell is currently featured on the cover of the September 2015 issue of Esquire España.

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Greg Williams + Esquire UK + Daniel Craig

A long time collaborator of Esquire UK, Greg Williams recently photographed Daniel Craig for the cover of their October 2015 Issue!

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Ondrea Barbe + The Improper Bostonian + Diane Guerrero

Ondrea Barbe recently photographed actress Diane Guerrero for the cover story of The Improper Bostonian’s Fall Fashion issue. Guerrero is best known for her roles as Maritza Ramos on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black and Lina on Jane the Virgin.

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Kuli Kuli + New Promo 2015

Kuli Kuli recently made a new promo piece and we’re excited to share it with you!

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Kyle Alexander + Men’s Fitness + LG

Kyle Alexander was recently commissioned by Men’s Fitness to shoot an Advertorial for the new LG G4 smartphone that just released. The images below are all shot with the 16-megapixel camera smartphone in Los Angeles and Big Sur.

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Mike Piscitelli + Eleven + Lyft

Mike Piscitelli and San Francisco-based ad agency Eleven recently teamed up for the latest campaign from Lyft. Featuring real Lyft drivers and passengers, Mike traveled to San Francisco, Austin, and New York to capture photos for the app-based ridesharing company’s new print campaign.

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Greg Williams + The Sunday Times + Tom Hardy

Greg Williams teamed up with The Sunday Times for their most recent cover with actor Tom Hardy. In the upcoming film Legend, Tom Hardy portrays both Ronnie and Reggie Kray in 1960’s London. Click here for the full feature and be sure to check out a behind the scenes shot with Greg below.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.31.19 AM

Frédéric Lagrange + Architectural Digest + Stefan Beckman

Frédéric Lagrange recently photographed Manhattan set designer Stefan Beckman for the September issue of Architectural Digest. Stefan, a “secret weapon of the fashion industry for the past two decades”, is a longtime collaborator with Marc Jacobs and will be designing his 16th fashion show with the designer during New York fashion week next month. Click here to read the full article.

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Stefan Beckman_Shot 4_0463_v1


Floto+Warner + Architectural Digest + José Parlá

Floto+Warner were recently commissioned by Architectural Digest to photograph artist José Parlá in his Brooklyn studio. Parlá’s work focuses on painting, architectural collaborations, sculpture, and photography. His “richly layered abstract paintings and murals captures the intensity and exuberance of city life.”

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f+w_José Parla_AD_C2_7519

f+w_José Parla_AD_C2_7851

f+w_José Parla_AD_C2_7780-diptych

f+w_José Parla_AD_C2_7877-diptych