Kyle Alexander + Cheryl Humphreys Studio

Kyle recently visited the studio of artist and designer Cheryl Humphreys in Los Angeles.  Humphreys’ studio works in typography, print making and graphic design, engaging her artistic eye with a honed design sensibility.

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Kyle Alexander + Heath Ceramics + Adam Silverman

Kyle recently visited the studio of ceramicist, Adam Silverman, in Los Angeles. Silverman, a professional potter since Fall of 2002, has exhibited extensively in the US and Japan. In 2008 Adam became partner and the studio director of Heath Ceramics, a 62 year old, California based maker of ceramic dinnerware and tile.

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Kyle Alexander + Running L.A.

Kyle recently took advantage of the year-round, beautiful Southern Californian weather to shoot these runners in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Kyle Alexander on Snowy Bear Mountain

Despite California completely avoiding the Polar Vortex which has brought on the sub zero deep freeze that has covered the US, we thought to remind you it does still get cold there. Kyle Alexander shot these images on snowy Bear Mountain just 2 hours from downtown Los Angeles.

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As 2013 comes to a close, we wanted to share some our favorite images from this year.  In lieu of gifts, we have made a donation to The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. This has been a great year and we are looking forward to working together in 2014!

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Kyle Alexander + Modern Pharma + PDN

Check out Kyle Alexander’s images in this months PDN!  Writer, Kris Wilton, gives an overview of work currently being commissioned for pharmaceutical advertising campaigns and interviewed Kyle for the story.  We have included the complete story below and some additional images from his shoot for Dulera.

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Kyle Alexander + Chevrolet

Chevrolet & Leo Burnett Detroit commissioned Kyle Alexander to shoot the lifestyle campaign for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado. The 12-day production traveled to a variety of locations throughout the Southwest, including the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Santa Fe and an amazing 150,000 acre private ranch in Western Texas. Kyle and his team had a blast caravanning from location to location, each day feeling like a mini road trip adventure.  More Behind the Scenes images below the fold.

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Kyle Alexander + A Photo Editor: Art Producers Speak

The “Art Producers Speak” column on “A Photo Editor” is for Art Producers/Buyers to anonymously nominate photographers to be featured.  Today, VAUGHAN HANNIGAN photographer, Kyle Alexander, was was highlighted with an interview and bevy of work.  We have included a snip-it from the interview below about Kyle’s experience in the industry, but head over to their site to read the entire article.

How many years have you been in business?
Hmmmm…more than a couple…..not an easy answer for that one, after college I moved from Austin, Texas to Hawaii to shoot surfing on the north shore of Oahu which was really fun and amazing but I couldn’t really make a living over there. At that time it was shooting film, you got 36 images and then have to swim in and change film in your waterhousing, go out shoot another roll, swim in and then run to the lab, have it developed and FedEx’ed overnight to the magazines in Southern California and by that time you were exhausted and broke. I worked crappy side jobs and tried to make it work for a while but never really go ahead.

Then one day I got lucky and got a job on a tv show in Hawaii and worked on that for a couple of years and along the way met some guys who said if you ever get out to LA give us a call. So I looked at my options at that point and said I better move to LA. I was penniless with not much hope of ever making it out there in Hawaii. That was in 2001 and I got lucky again because I hooked up with some steady work on feature films and commercials. It was then I met someone who also produced photo shoots and needed some help so I worked with her for a bit. The first real photo shoot I worked on was a huge budget Tommy Hilfiger shoot, 2 weeks on the Paramount Studios backlot. Patrick Demarchelier was the photographer and it was a amazing and humbling experience to watch him work. This experience inspired me and I began shooting as much as I could when not assisting. However that was not too often, I assisted for about 7 years for dozens of different photographers.

One of the first things I did after I was in LA made a few bucks was buy a computer and because of that someone asked me to do some callsheets and light pre-production work so I ended up producing some editorial stories for Mens Journal and Marie Claire magazine. That introduced me to some photographers who later on hired me to produce some ad shoots, which was great because with all the producing money I could do more test shoots. So my first real break was an ad shoot for Roxy/Quiksilver in 2008. So I did that shoot but then still had to assist and produce and digital tech to make ends meet. So I would get a couple of ad and editorial jobs here and there but not enough to break away.

Finally in 2011 I got enough shooting work that I was able to turn down producing and teching and assisting gigs. So long story short, taking pics- 20+ years, working in the business-10 + years, making my living as a full time photographer- 2+ years.

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Kyle Alexander + Steady & Co Printing

This winter while in Minneapolis for a shoot, Kyle shot these images at the Steady Co. print shop. The shop offers design services, screen printing and risograph printing, helping to create a number of limited edition zines and books.

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Kyle Alexander + Texas Tourism Board

The Texas Tourism Board commissioned Kyle to shoot fellow Texas natives and members of the alternative rock band Courrier for an advertorial spread in Rolling Stone. Shot in in the state’s oldest continually running dance hall, Gruene Hall in Gruene, Texas the images illustrate a guide to Courrier’s hometown of Austin. The guide appears in the March 28th issue of Rolling Stone that is on stands now.

Be sure to check out the exclusive behind the scenes video and listen to the newest single by Courrier below.

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Click above to listen to Courrier’s newest single “Inch of Rope”