Julia Fullerton-Batten + In Service

Julia’s latest series, “In Service,” re-envisions the relationship between servants and their wealthy employers in Edwardian era Britain (1901-1911).  In these somewhat amoral vignettes, she contrasts the abuse and exploitation that potentially took place with the interdependence of the subjects.  Shot in the south of England, Julia was fortunate to find three stately homes that offered a more than suitable backdrop for her images. Be sure to read the full artist’s statement watch the behind the scenes video below.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Fotografiska + Staged Reality

Julia’s most recent solo exhibition ‘Staged Reality’ is a culmination of four projects she has worked on for many years. A Testament to Love, Mothers and Daughters, In Between, and Teenage Stories are all collected in a show which is currently on view at Fotografiska Museum in Sweden, which has been extended until May 11, 2014.

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Gilles & Cecilie Studio + Dinamo Design Workshop

Gilles & Cecilie Studio recently led a bookbinding workshop at Dinamo Design in Oslo, Norway. Check out the Gilles & Cecilie Studio Instagram feed for more images from the event.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Fotografiska + Staged Reality

Julia’s show is currently up at Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of Photography. Recently, they released a short video to coincide with the exhibition, titled Staged Reality.

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Kyle Alexander + Running L.A.

Kyle recently took advantage of the year-round, beautiful Southern Californian weather to shoot these runners in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Mark Zibert + Chris Soos

After a recent job for Nike, Mark took a moment to shoot some portraits of producer and Director of Photography, Chris Soos.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Feature Shoot

Images from Julia’s “Blind” project were recently featured on Feature Shoot. For part of her artist statement, Julia’s subjects reflect on their loss of sight and how it relates to the location where they were shot.

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Alessandra Petlin + Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway

Alessandra recently visited Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway, a small boat yard on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Alessandra spent time photographing the owners, Nat Benjamin and Ross Gannon, as well as workers at the boat yard showcasing the company’s passion for design, building, repair and sailing on hand crafted wooden boats.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Art Daily + A Testament to Love

Julia’s current solo exhibition, “A Testament to Love,” her third in New York, was featured on Art Daily last week. The article included a detailed description the show which is open until February 15th at the Jenkins Johnson Gallery.

“Building on her earlier series that investigate the psyches and relationships of teenage girls, her new series narrates the life struggles when love goes wrong. The women in the images wrestle with the eternal search for a happy ending but find themselves left with feelings of solitude, loneliness, fear, regret, and resignation. Fullerton-Batten focuses on the moments just before or just after the climax of the scenario, which are laden with emotion and tension, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers.”

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Fotografiska

Julia is honored to present her work for the first time in Scandinavia at Fotografiska in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition, Staged Reality, will be on display from February 14 – May 4 and showcases some of her most iconic images.

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