Martin Schoeller + Charity Buzz

Martin recently donated a 20″ x 24″ print from his project on the Hadza Tribe of Tanzania for an auction to support the Mama Hope foundation.  The non-profit organization brings clean water, education, and health care to communities in need throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.. The print, a closeup portrait of a young girl named Nija, is currently on bid until today, Tuesday, 7 Jan 2014 3:00 PM EST.

Click Here to read more about the auction on CharityBuzz. Click Here to see more work by Martin.

Martin Schoeller + Chevron’s “AIDS Is Going to Lose” Campaign

Martin’s images for Chevron’s “AIDS IS GOING TO LOSE’ campaign were featured on their landing page last week. Head to their site to learn more about what they have done to help in the fight against AIDS.

Click Here to see more work in the original post.  Click Here to see more work by Martin.

Julia Fullerton-Batten + International Motion Art Awards

An ad spot for UK charity, Breast Cancer Cares, directed by Julia Fullerton-Batten was chosen as a winner in the first International Motion Art Awards.  ‘The spot, which features a nude woman with a mastectomy scar standing behind a veil of medication, shows that same kind of conceptual boldness that marks her still work.’

Click Here to read more.  Click Here to see more work by Julia.

Braschler/Fischer on The Road

Braschler/Fischer have been traveling this month; after being back in Zurich for just 2 days, they flew to Uganda.  Working with the Red Cross, the photographers captured images of refugees from the Congo in the southern Ugandan border city of Kisoro.  They worked with the refugees to collect not only their images but stories of an unthinkable, seemingly never ending, civil war.

Click Here to see more work by Braschler/Fischer.

Braschler/Fischer + Gugging

Braschler/Fischer shot a series of portraits of gifted Art Brut (Outsider Art) artists at the “Art / Brut Center Gugging,” a museum in Vienna, earlier last month.  The museum, founded in  the clinic of psychiatrist Maria Gugging, now houses a number of mentally challenged, though exceptional, Art Brut artists.  These artists live and craft their work in the facility and show in the adjacent galleries alongside other contemporary artists.

Braschler/Fischer’s work will be exhibited at the center in March 2013, the below portraits will be included in show.

Click Here to learn more about the Art / Brut Center Gugging.  Click Here to see more work by Brascler/Fischer.

Martin Schoeller + Heart Gallery NYC

Martin recently donated his time to shoot Close Up portraits of New York City foster kids in alliance with the non-profit organization Heart Gallery NYC.   The images were collected into a television spot that was recently showing in Times Square and the Penn Station Rotunda to help raise awareness of the thousands of children in New York who need and deserve permanent homes.

The Heart Gallery was founded in New Mexico in 2001 by the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department. National media attention generated because of the project’s success resulted in a virtual explosion of Heart Gallery groups across America, where over 100,000 foster children are waiting to be adopted. Today there are nearly 100 Heart Galleries throughout the United States.

Please head to Heart Gallery NYC site to watch the full video and make a donation, if you are able.

Click Here to see more work by Martin.

Mark Zibert + AdColor

TBWA/Chiat/Day NY and Mark Zibert collaborated recently on a probono campaign for AdColor, a non-profit organization which promotes diversity in advertising. The concept “Color Adds Depth” with 3D effects was concepted by TBWA creatives Isabella Castano and Ani Munoz, and produced by art buyer Julia Menassa.  The still, motion, and sound teams all came together to produce three motion pieces and five still shoots with news-anchor Soledad O’Brian, QuestLove of The Roots, actor/dancer Harry Shum Jr., clarinetist Charlie Gabriel, and transgender activist Janet Mock. Mark utilized a stereo 3D shooting technique, capturing each image with two linked cameras spaced apart roughly the same distance that is between human eyes. In the motion portion, he actually spun Questlove and his drums on a gigantic turntable.

Mark was not the only person donating his time, editor Mark Paiva of Poster Boy, Visual Effects artist Sean Cochrane of The Vanity, and Sound Designer Keith Reynaud of Heard City all volunteered to make this project happen.

The campaign images below are being used to bring attention to AdColor and will be featured at their their annual AdColor Awards, coming up soon on October 18-20th in Las Vegas.  AdColor aims to highlight the accomplishments of professionals who have championed diversity in the advertising, marketing, media and public relations industries.  We are very honored to have been a part of this project and big thank you goes out to everyone involved!

Click Here to learn more about the Awards.  Click Here to see more work by Mark.

Photographer/Director: Mark Zibert
Production: Joel Todaro, Sons and Daughters
Editor: Mark Paiva – Poster Boy
VFX: Sean Cochrane – The Vanity
Sound: Keith Reynaud – Heard City
Created by: TBWA/Chiat/Day NY
Art Buyer: Julia Menassa
Creatives: Isabella Castano and Ani Munoz

Braschler/Fischer + Visa pour l’Image

Visa pour l’Image is the premier International Festival of Photojournalism held in Perpignan, France. This festival is a unique event, cataloging the greatest recent photojournalist work from around the world in exhibitions across the city. Braschler/Fischer’s work, shooting released detainees from GTMO, is featured as one of the exhibits.

On Le Journal de la Photographie there is additional information about the project and the show.  Click Here to read more.

Click Here to learn more about the event.  Click Here to see more work from Braschler/Fischer’s GTMO series.

Martin Schoeller + NSPCC

Bonhams will be hosting a charity auction May 17th to benefit NSPCC and its Rebuilding Childhoods Appeal – which provides therapy for children and young people who have suffered abuse.  Martin, who donated a the below Closeup of Valentino, joins Kate Moss and other photographers Nadav Kander, Barry Lategan, and David Bailey in gifting prints to this worthy cause.

Click Here to learn more about the Auction at Bonhams.  Click Here to see more Closeup work by Martin.

Alessandra Petlin + Kids of Kathmandu

May 17th! Save the Date.

We are pleased to announce that Alessandra Petlin will be partnering with the charitable organization Kids of Kathmandu to help fund “The enLIGHTen Project.”  In this two part event, photographs from Nepal as well as uniquely designed lighting fixtures will be on display. All items will be available for silent auction to help fund an initiative to build solar panels for an orphanage in Nepal. Tickets are not on sale yet, but check back here or the “Kids of Kathmandu” website for updates.  Click the image below to get a better view of the invites.

Click Here to learn more about Kids of Kathmandu. Click Here to see more Alessandra’s work from Nepal.