Julia Fullerton-Batten + Campari + Eva Green

Julia was just shooting actress Eva Green for The 2015 Campari Calendar. Entitled ‘Mythology Mixology,’ the 16th edition of the iconic calendar is the first shot by a woman and is dedicated to celebrating Campari’s colorful history.  Each month highlights the intrinsic stories linked to twelve of the brands most loved, classic cocktails.

Julia suggests that “Campari has always had an inherent ability to recreate itself and keep the brand image fresh, inspiring and imaginative – a goal I constantly strive towards in my own work too. This year’s theme was an interesting challenge, as there was an important job to do in terms of taking historical anecdotes and invigorating them with a modern edge. I’m confident we managed to strike that delicate balance with this year’s imagery.”

Below are some BTS images from the shoot, the calendar will be released later this year.

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Peter Lippmann + Syfy + Dominion

Peter partnered with NBC Syfy to shoot an ad for the network’s new fantasy series, “Dominion,” which recently premiered.  Basing the image on the painting by Guido Reni, “Archangel Michael,” Peter has captured the show’s stars in his signature painterly style.  Included below, alongside the placements, are other examples of this style by Peter.

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Peter Lippmann in Style of Guido Reni



Peter Lippmann in Style of Édouard Manet

Peter Lippmann in Style of Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Lippmann in Style of Jan Brueghel The Younger

Peter Lippmann in Style of Vincent Van Gogh

Erik Almas + Trondheim, Norway

Erik Almås has been working with advertising agency, HK, to create a series of images for the Tronheim Torg Shoping Centre in Erik’s hometown of Tronheim, Norway.  This is the “Summer”  images and you can see how it was made below.

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Erik Almås + Martin Schoeller + Mark Zibert + CA Photography Annual 55

We are pleased to announce that three VAUGHAN HANNIGAN photographers were included in the 55th Communication Arts Photography Annual Awards.  An image Erik Almås shot for Dassault Systémes was chosen for their “Best in Advertising” section. Work by Martin Schoeller from two different stories, Michael Douglas for NY Magazine and Sonny Rollins for Men’s Journal, were included in the “Editorial” category.  Mark Zibert’s images for the AD Color Awards were selected in the “Self-Promotion” category. Below, we have included all our photographer’s winning images but be sure to check out all the winning images on the Communication Arts Site.

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Gilles & Cecilie Studio + Swims Loafer + The Metronome of Walking

In this animation for Swims’ Loafers, Gilles & Cecilie Studio showcase the shoe striding through a number of watery hurdles.  From a boat, through a marina and onto a bar, the spot highlights the shoe’s advantages, including being able to be cleaned in a washing machine.

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Erik Almas – A Cohesive Visual Language – Print + Motion

Erik’s work captures a cohesive story through both still and motion imagery, applying a similar visual language to each.  While shooting for Westin, Erik was able to create short spots that matched the tone and style of the images.  By crafting a tonal pallet prior to shooting, he is able to create campaigns like “Big 6,” where an aesthetic is painted across the ads.  This cross platform consistency creates a single brand voice within a campaign, highlighting a visual identity and tone to better capture a viewer’s attention.

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Kyle Alexander + Feeding America

Kyle recently teamed up with the Ad Council to shoot ads for Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Their mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage in a countrywide fight to end hunger.

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Erik Almås + GSW

Erik recently partnered with healthcare advertising agency GSW to shoot a Pharmaceutical campaign.  Crafting images of people in massive syringes, Erik conveyed the burden of life while on an IV prescription drug. The hero talent were composited from a studio shoot where they were shot submerged in real gigantic syringes, below are some behind the scenes images.

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Alessandra Petlin + CAHG

Alessandra recently teamed up with CAHG to shoot an ad campaign for health care company.

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Martin Schoeller + Southwest Airlines + GSD&M + Smile

A new national TV spot for Southwest Airlines directed by Martin Schoeller was released this week.  Commissioned by Austin based GSD&M, the print and motion campaign titled “Smile” features real Southwest Airlines employees.  The campaign promotes the airline getting its “passport” as they begin flying to their first international vacation destinations in the company’s 40 year history.

Director & Photographer: Martin Schoeller
Executive Producer: Laura Busino
Creative Director/AD: Will Chau
Creative Director/Writer: David Parson
Production Company: Picture Farm

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