Floto+Warner + Avaya

Floto+Warner were recently commissioned to shoot a campaign for Avaya, a global provider of business communications and collaboration systems. Below, we have included the still images, but on the Avaya site, you can see them at cinemagraphs.

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Erik Almås + Leila Hafzi + Sandnes Garn Collection 2014

Erik was recently in Norway shooting Leila Hafzi’s F/W 2014 collection for Sandnes Garn.  Based in Norway, Leila Hafzi is the country’s first sustainable high-end fashion house. Sandnes Garn is a leading Norwegian wool yarn manufacturer.  Be sure to watch the behind the scenes video below!

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Erik Almås + PDN Pulse + American Airlines

Erik’s images for the American Airline’s print campaigns and corporate image library were recently featured on PDN Pulse. While traveling on assignment, Erik had his camera on all the time, shooting whenever he had a chance. After, he realized there were two bodies of work within all the images.  One that he produced for the airline, which are tightly controlled and reflect Erik’s style, and another, which are “in between moments.” 

Be sure to read more about this story by heading over to PDN Pulse.

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Martin Schoeller + Depend’s Underwareness

Martin teamed up with Ogilvy New York on an ongoing campaign for “Depend” called Underwareness. It aims to raise awareness of 65 million Americans who experience bladder leakage by donating a dollar to charity for every photo or tweet tagged with #Underwareness or #DropYourPants.

If you are in New York, “Depend” is sponsoring a Capital Cities show TONIGHT night at Pier 67, more info Here!

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Frédéric Lagrange + Point Yamu Resort

Frédéric recently shot the Point Yamu Resort in Phuket, Thailand for the Singapore based chain, Como Hotels & Resorts.  The images have been used across all their in-house branding.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Campari 2015 + Eva Green

We are excited to share a teaser video for the upcoming Campari 2015 Calendar shot by Julia Fullerton-Batten.  The star of the calendar this year is French actress, Eva Green and features a classic Campari cocktail for each month.   Keep your eyes peeled for it’s release in the fall!

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Giles Revell + Lexus LS Innovations + Team One

Giles was selected to be the visionary for a recent Lexus LS campaign by Team One Advertising, conceptualizing and creating imagery to highlight the new Driver Attention Monitor system. The system uses scanning technology to simultaneously detect possible collision risks and a driver’s head position and alertness, then warns them of the potential threat and can even bring the car to a complete stop. Utilizing similar technology, Giles envisioned the world through the eyes of a Lexus LS, creating a 3d rendering of a human face and mapping it to a digital model. By taking real data and abstracting it, he brings us from reality into the aesthetic area, illuminating what is beyond the obvious.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Campari + Eva Green

Julia was just shooting actress Eva Green for The 2015 Campari Calendar. Entitled ‘Mythology Mixology,’ the 16th edition of this iconic calendar is the first shot by a woman and is dedicated to celebrating Campari’s colorful history.  Each month highlights the intrinsic stories linked to twelve of the brands most loved, classic cocktails.

Julia suggests that “Campari has always had an inherent ability to recreate itself and keep the brand image fresh, inspiring and imaginative – a goal I constantly strive towards in my own work too. This year’s theme was an interesting challenge, as there was an important job to do in terms of taking historical anecdotes and invigorating them with a modern edge. I’m confident we managed to strike that delicate balance with this year’s imagery.”

Below are some BTS images from the shoot, the calendar will be released later this year.

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Peter Lippmann + Syfy + Dominion

Peter partnered with NBC Syfy to shoot an ad for the network’s new fantasy series, “Dominion,” which recently premiered.  Basing the image on the painting by Guido Reni, “Archangel Michael,” Peter has captured the show’s stars in his signature painterly style.  Included below, alongside the placements, are other examples of this style by Peter.

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Peter Lippmann in Style of Guido Reni



Peter Lippmann in Style of Édouard Manet

Peter Lippmann in Style of Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Lippmann in Style of Jan Brueghel The Younger

Peter Lippmann in Style of Vincent Van Gogh

Erik Almas + Trondheim, Norway

Erik Almås has been working with advertising agency, HK, to create a series of images for the Tronheim Torg Shoping Centre in Erik’s hometown of Tronheim, Norway.  This is the “Summer”  images and you can see how it was made below.

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