VAUGHAN HANNIGAN – Happy Holidays!

After another great year, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Below is a selection of favorite images produced over the past year by our artists.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + VCCP + O2 + Samsung

Julia recently partnered up with London-based creative agency, VCCP, to create a holiday campaign for O2 advertising their Samsung phones, tablets and smart watches.

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Martin Schoeller + Grey Worldwide + Ally Bank

For the below, Martin partnered with Grey Worldwide to shoot ads for Ally Bank, a bank with no branches.

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Giles Revell + Little Black Book

Giles’ recent film for the Department of Transport, “Country Roads,” is being featured on Little Black Book. The two films feature a revolutionary use of light scanning technology to capture an immersive and unique view of the dangers that lie around the bend on country roads.

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Fresh, Sun Soaked Shots from Kyle Alexander

LA based photographer Kyle Alexander has recently been shooting in the bright sun across the Southwest.  Working on a wide range of projects, for pharmaceutical clients to tourism boards, Kyle dynamically crafts an on set environment that allows him to capture these frenetic and timeless images.

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Erik Almås + AndersonDDB + Benylsta

Erik recently partnered with Toronto-based ad agency, AndersonDDB, to shoot a campaign for Benylsta, a FDA-approved treatment for lupus. The campaign tells a story of the long path to recovery rather than instant gratification. For this assignment, Erik drew inspiration from his own life, taking into consideration certain decisions he has made and questioning whether they were “right.” The subjects in these images are taking it slow and valuing the little things in life. Be sure to check out the BTS footage from the shoot below.

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Braschler/Fischer + Dubai International Airport

Braschler/Fischer were recently in Dubai covering 24 hours in the life of the Dubai International Airport, documenting both staff and passengers.  They are the first photographers in residence there, capturing the ways Dubai’s airport connects the people of the world. Below are some Behind The Scenes snapshots from their shoots within the airport.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Campari + Eva Green

Julia recently teamed up with Campari to shoot French actress, Eva Green, for the apéritif’s 16th annual calendar.  Titled “Mythology Mixology,” each month’s image celebrates a classic Campari cocktail, from The Negroni to The Americano.  Below is an extended Behind-The-Scenes footage from the photo shoot.

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Anne Ulku + Target

Anne recently teamed up with Target for a series of  illustrations about Target shoppers. These “Targetisms,” included below, depict and name the little things that can happen within a target store.

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Mark Zibert + JWT Canada + SickKids

Mark teamed up with JWT Canada to direct a TV commercial for “The Hospital for Sick Children – SickKids”  The campaign, titled “Better Tomorrows,” recently launched and is their largest brand campaign to-date.  “It invites audiences to witness several SickKids moments, forcing viewers to come face-to-face with how easily ordinary things that we take for granted can be taken away from us….The campaign includes 42 30-second spots produced for TV. A different spot will air on conventional and specialty TV each day for 42 days beginning today and running through December 22.”

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