Floto + Warner – Recent Editorial Projects

Floto + Warner’s web portfolios on the VH site have been refreshed to include a lot of NEW work. Please have a look to see all of the fresh images throughout their portfolios. Click Here to take a look.

Additionally, they have been busy shooting. Below is a selection of a few recent editorial projects that illustrates their broad range: Lifestyle to Portrait to Architecture to Industrial.

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Michele Oka Doner for Departures

Michele Oka Doner for Departures. Garth Weiser for Architectural Digest

f+w_234 Sullivan_NYM_8904
Floto + Warner Residence for New York Magazine

Kiasma Museum, Finland for Departures

f+w_Sportsfield_Goal Post_ESPN_0252
Goal Post Factory for ESPN The Magazine

Alcoa for Fortune


Martin Schoeller + Vanity Fair France + Hillary Clinton

Vanity Fair France used an image, shot by Martin, of former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on their August cover.

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Martin Schoeller + ESPN The Magazine + Hillary Knight

Martin was recently commissioned by ESPN The Magazine to shoot American Olympic Ice Hockey forward, Hillary Knight for their 6th annual Body Issue.  This is the fourth year in a row Martin has been asked to shoot images for this issue. Be sure to check out an exclusive behind the scenes video of Hillary on the ESPN site.

Click Here to read the entire story on ESPN. Click Here to see more work by Martin.




Floto+Warner + Colourant + WIRED

Floto + Warner’s Colourant series was featured on WIRED with an in-depth article on the project.

“The arcs of colored water create physical graffiti that redefines their environment. Their power lies largely in an ability to straddle a perceptive line, simultaneously looking like what they really are—buckets of water tossed in front of a camera—while evoking mysterious objects that seem to vibrate against the landscape. As a photographer, it’s not a result you can easily plan for, but it’s obvious when it happens.”

Be sure to check out the full article on WIRED.

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Martin Schoeller + Entertainment Weekly + Chris Pratt

Martin recently shot Chris Pratt and a raccoon for the cover of a July issue of Entertainment Weekly. The Parks & Recreation actor will be staring in a forthcoming movie titled “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The issue is out now on stands everywhere.

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Frédéric Lagrange + People Magazine + TODAY Show

People Magazine recently teamed up with Frédéric Lagrange to shoot a 4th of July special featuring the cast of the TODAY Show.  The story highlights some host’s recipes, including Al Roker’s “Beer Can Chicken” and Matt Lauer & Savannah Guthrie’s “Shortcake Sundae in a Jar.”

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Martin Schoeller + ESPN The Magazine + Travis & Lyn-Z Pastrana

For the fourth year in a row, Martin has been asked by ESPN The Magazine to shoot athletes for the Body Issue. In this year’s issue, Martin shot X-Games motor sports legend, Travis Pastrana, and his skateboarder wife, Lyn-Z Pastrana. In the past, Martin has captured the likes of  Oksana Masters, Matt Harvey, Daniela Hantuchova and Elena Hight for this annual.

Click Here to read the entire story on ESPN. Click Here to see more work by Martin.




Floto+Warner + Christie’s

Christie’s Magazine recently commissioned Floto+Warner to shoot Christie’s Auctioneer Loic Gouzer and Chairman Brett Gorvy in a conversation about the “art of darkness, Richard Prince and why Instagram is changing the contemporary art scene.”

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Erik Almås + Martin Schoeller + Mark Zibert + CA Photography Annual 55

We are pleased to announce that three VAUGHAN HANNIGAN photographers were included in the 55th Communication Arts Photography Annual Awards.  An image Erik Almås shot for Dassault Systémes was chosen for their “Best in Advertising” section. Work by Martin Schoeller from two different stories, Michael Douglas for NY Magazine and Sonny Rollins for Men’s Journal, were included in the “Editorial” category.  Mark Zibert’s images for the AD Color Awards were selected in the “Self-Promotion” category. Below, we have included all our photographer’s winning images but be sure to check out all the winning images on the Communication Arts Site.

Click Here to see all the winning images from CA Photo Annual 55.

Click Here to see more work by Erik. Click Here for more work from Martin. Click Here for more work from Mark.





Martin Schoeller + National Geographic + Behind the Cover

National Geographic recently shared some behind the scenes images from Martin’s cover shoot for the June 2014 issue, The Dogs of War. Martin explains how Layka, a Belgian Malinois, was full of boundless energy during the shoot despite losing a leg in combat.  They also showed how Martin was able to get the cover shot through outtake images.

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Layka Wardog