Martin Schoeller + Uzo Aduba + Stylist Magazine

Martin Schoeller recently photographed ‘Orange Is the New Black’ actress Uzo Aduba for the June issue of Stylist.

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Martin Schoeller + Hamilton + Cosmopolitan

Martin Schoeller and Cosmopolitan recently teamed up to photograph the cast of Hamilton, a hip-hop inspired musical about founding-father Alexander Hamilton. Broadway previews for the acclaimed show begin July 13, 2015 at The Richard Rodgers Theatre.

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Floto+Warner + The Telegraph UK

Floto+Warner were recently featured in The Telegraph UK. The article, “Interiors: A Brooklyn house of two halves”, spotlights the photography duo’s home, their eclectic mix-and-match pop aesthetic, as well as their hip interior design company, WRK.

“The use of pattern, murals, and the skimmed cement surfaces are all part of the base for what we do with WRK,” Floto says. “Also, each room is totally different, geared to the life that takes place in that particular space.” That means golden spray-can polka dots in an upstairs games room, and a tranquil, monochrome open-plan kitchen and dining area, with some Scandi-cool touches.

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Martin Schoeller + Time Magazine + Aziz Ansari

Martin Schoeller recently photographed Aziz Ansari for Time Magazine. The article features an excerpt from Ansari’s first book, Modern Romance: An Investigation. Check out the full article here.

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Frédéric Lagrange + New Baccarat Hotel

Frédéric recently photographed the new Baccarat Hotel for the May/June 2015 cover story of Virtuoso Life!

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Braschler/Fischer + Avaunt

Along with Giles Revell and Frédéric Lagrange, Braschler/Fischer also had work featured in the launch issue of Avaunt. Their son, Elias, has traveled since he was 13 days old; visiting every continent on earth except for Antarctica. Check out this snapshot of some of the many stamps in Elias’ passport.

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Floto+Warner + Mark Zibert + Julia Fullerton-Batten + 2015 PDN Photo Annual

We are pleased to announce that three VAUGHAN HANNIGAN photographers were included in this year’s 2015 PDN Photo Annual.  An image Mark Zibert shot for Adidas “It’s Blue. What Else Matters?” campaign was chosen for their “Best in Advertising” category. Floto+Warner’s Colourant series was chosen for “Best in Personal Projects.” Julia Fullerton-Batten’s promo was included in their “Best in Self-Promotion” category. Below, we have included all our photographer’s winning images but be sure to check out all the winning images on the 2015 PDN Photo Annual winner’s gallery.

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Kyle Alexander + Architectural Digest Germany

Kyle Alexander recently photographed ICON 4×4 Jeep and ICON CEO Jonathan Ward for this month’s Architectural Digest Germany. ICON offers transportation legends in a modern context; marrying classic styling, modern performance, and timeless utility.

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Greg Williams + The Huffington Post

Greg Williams was recently featured in The Huffington Post. In the article, Greg discusses his experience as a photojournalist in war-torn Sierra Leone, PTSD, and his upcoming full-length film, Samarkand, featuring Tom Hardy. To read the full article, click here.

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Frédéric Lagrange + Geo Magazine

Frédéric Lagrange’s work from Mongolia is currently featured in the May 2015 issue of Geo Magazine, Germany.

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