Floto+Warner + Architectural Digest + Steven & William Ladd

Floto+Warner were recently commissioned by Architectural Digest to photograph artists and brothers, Steven and William Ladd, in their Chelsea studio for their November 2014 issue. The Ladd brothers have been collaborating for the past thirteen years. Creating hand sewn boxes containing meticulously constructed environments, these projects are related to their shared memories from their childhood.

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Martin Schoeller – Recent Magazine Covers

During 2014, Martin Schoeller teamed up with numerous magazines to shoot a variety of cover stories. First, TIME Magazine commissioned Martin to shoot singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, which they ran his signature close-up of Swift on the cover of one of their November 2014 issues. Martin also shot Swift for the cover issue of People which commemorated their 40th anniversary and echoed Mia Farrow’s iconic 1974 cover image from their inaugural issue. Following this, New York Magazine asked Martin to photograph comedian-actor, Chris Rock, for the cover of their December 2014 issue. Just after the release of singer-songwriter Mary J. Blige’s newest album, Martin photographed Blige for the November cover of Billboard Magazine. Variety Magazine also commissioned Martin to shoot actor Bill Murray for their December cover issue. Martin’s portrait of Jon Stewart was on the cover of New York Magazine’s weekly issue in November in conjunction with Stewart’s new film, Rosewater, which released later that month and acts as a bridge from his TV present and his undefined but rapidly approaching future.  Lastly, Entertainment Weekly asked Martin to shoot the cast of the recently released film, Interstellar.

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Taylor Swift, TIME Magazine


Taylor Swift, TIME Magazine


(left) Chris Rock, New York Magazine (right) Mary J. Blige, Billboard


(left) Bill Murray, Variety (right) Taylor Swift, People


(left) Jon Stewart, New York Magazine (right) Interstellar Cast, Entertainment Weekly

Gilles & Cecilie Studio + Le Monde Magazine + Soleil d’Hiver

Gilles & Cecilie were recently asked by Le Monde Magazine to create illustrations of the different cities around the world for a story on winter sun travel.

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Martin Schoeller + Hasted Kraeutler + Genevieve Allison on Portraits

Genevieve Allison, an editorial staff at the Museum of Modern Art had recently written a segment on Aperture’s blog on Martin’s retrospective at Hasted Kraeutler Gallery.

“In more staged portraits, the quality of honesty turns on what can be an unforgiving focus when it comes to matters of the finer topographical details of the face. His gossamer lens captures everything in its presence with intimacy and suspension– even the most discreet articulation of the skin.This might not be as apparent with youthful subjects like Little Kim and Lady Gaga, but discerning head shots of Brad Pitt and Johnny Cash so intently describe the aging male form that, initially, they suggest a meditation on retiring beauty or power– or at least of a truthfulness in its depiction.”

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Frédéric Lagrange + Travel & Leisure + Myanmar

Frédéric was recently commissioned by Travel & Leisure to photograph a cover story about life and culture in Myanmar. Below is a recently released video with footage compiled from the trip, of the country’s beautiful landscape and culture.

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Gilles & Cecilie Studio + Hytteliv + Four Seasons

Gilles & Cecilie were recently commissioned by Norwegian magazine, Hytteliv, to illustrate a story titled, ” Rent Your Own Cabin.”

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VAUGHAN HANNIGAN – Happy Holidays!

After another great year, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Below is a selection of favorite images produced over the past year by our artists.

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Floto+Warner + FiveThirtyEight + Christian Rudder

Floto+Warner were recently asked by FiveThirtyEight to photograph Christian Rudder, president and co-founder of the online dating site OKCupid in their New York offices.

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Floto+Warner + ESPN + Coaches Offices + Bob Stoops

Floto+Warner was recently commissioned by ESPN to shoot the offices of 6 football coach’s at Division I schools across the US . With the season in full swing, these intimate office shots offer fans an unprecedented view into the coach’s personal space. Below is the office of Oklahoma University’s Football Coach, Bob Stoops.

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Martin Schoeller + NeueHouse Video

Martin recently sat down with TIME Magazine’s Director of Photography, Kira Pollack, to talk about his process and inspiration. Be sure to check out the video below from NeueHouse.

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