Erik Almas + Brooks Institute of Photography

Erik is speaking at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California Today, November 14th. The event is open to the public, so if you’re in the area please check it out.

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Erik Almås & Floto + Warner in IPA 2014

In this year’s International Photography Awards, Erik Almås received 2nd place in the Advertising Category and was included in their traveling “Best of Show” exhibition.  For the Fine Art – Landscape Category, Floto+Warner received 3rd place for their Colourant series.  The 2014 IPA was curated by David Clarke, Head of Photography at Tate Gallery in London. The show will be moving throughout Europe and Asia after a stop in New York City.

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Erik Almås + Genlux Magazine + Chris Botti

Erik recently partnered with Genlux Magazine to photograph Grammy Award winning American trumpeter and composer, Christopher Botti.  Shooting still and motion in tandem, Erik’s creates an immersive visual landscape with a central pictorial language and tonal palate.  Be sure to watch the video below.

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Erik Almås + Scott Kelby Guest Blog

Yesterday, Erik took over photoshop guru, Scott Kelby’s, blog to write a post about his experience in the industry throughout his career. Erik writes about his successes in the industry and the road he took to get there.

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Erik Almås + Print & Motion + Dassault Systemes

Erik’s work continues to translate a cohesive visual language throughout both still and motion imagery. Last year, he was commissioned by Frameworks Agency to travel to Namibia and shoot for Dassault Systemes. Below you can see the similarities between the photo and ad spot, Erik is able to adopt very similar tones and color palettes across his projects.  The work was art directed by Ray Brennan with an original Score by Dominic Brennan.

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Namibia NoBranding HB from Erik Almas on Vimeo.


Erik Almås + Leila Hafzi + Sandnes Garn Collection 2014

Erik was recently in Norway shooting Leila Hafzi’s F/W 2014 collection for Sandnes Garn.  Based in Norway, Leila Hafzi is the country’s first sustainable high-end fashion house. Sandnes Garn is a leading Norwegian wool yarn manufacturer.  Be sure to watch the behind the scenes video below!

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Erik Almås + PDN Pulse + American Airlines

Erik’s images for the American Airline’s print campaigns and corporate image library were recently featured on PDN Pulse. While traveling on assignment, Erik had his camera on all the time, shooting whenever he had a chance. After, he realized there were two bodies of work within all the images.  One that he produced for the airline, which are tightly controlled and reflect Erik’s style, and another, which are “in between moments.” 

Be sure to read more about this story by heading over to PDN Pulse.

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Erik Almås + Staged Photography Blog

Erik was recently featured on Staged Photography. The feature, titled “My relative didn’t give me a camera when I was 12,” discusses how Erik started his career in Photography:

“An image is really good when it evokes some kind of emotional response from the viewer. A photograph can be great to me in many ways, without meaning much to other people who look at it. I can love an image for the cool way it was lit or some new technical achievement.”

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Erik Almas + Trondheim, Norway

Erik Almås has been working with advertising agency, HK, to create a series of images for the Tronheim Torg Shoping Centre in Erik’s hometown of Tronheim, Norway.  This is the “Summer”  images and you can see how it was made below.

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Erik Almås + Martin Schoeller + Mark Zibert + CA Photography Annual 55

We are pleased to announce that three VAUGHAN HANNIGAN photographers were included in the 55th Communication Arts Photography Annual Awards.  An image Erik Almås shot for Dassault Systémes was chosen for their “Best in Advertising” section. Work by Martin Schoeller from two different stories, Michael Douglas for NY Magazine and Sonny Rollins for Men’s Journal, were included in the “Editorial” category.  Mark Zibert’s images for the AD Color Awards were selected in the “Self-Promotion” category. Below, we have included all our photographer’s winning images but be sure to check out all the winning images on the Communication Arts Site.

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