Floto+Warner + Architectural Digest + Anna Betbeze

Floto+Warner were recently commissioned by Architectural Digest to photograph NYC-based artist Anna Betbeze for their April 2015 issue.

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f+w_Anna Betbeze_AD_9890

f+w_Anna Betbeze_AD_0332-

Floto+Warner + Real Simple

Floto+Warner recently traveled to Nashville to photograph Abby and David Gordon’s home for Real Simple. The Gordon house is lofty and bright now, but when bought in 2013, it was anything but. Check out the February 2015 issue to see this radical renovation.

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f+w_Gordon Res_RS_1938 10-02-48


f+w_Gordon Res_RS_2197 10-02-48

Floto+Warner + New York Magazine + George Venson Studio

Floto+Warner were recently commissioned by NY Magazine to photograph artist George Venson’s 275-square-foot Chinatown studio.

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f+w_Venson_NYM_ 2482

f+w_Venson_NYM_ 2388

f+w_Venson_NYM_ 2551

Floto + Warner + A.Galerie + Colourant

Floto + Warner’s Colourant series is currently on view at A.Galerie in Paris. As part of a group exhibition titled “OUTSIDE,” the show runs through March, 21st 2015.

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Floto+Warner + Architectural Digest + Steven & William Ladd

Floto+Warner were recently commissioned by Architectural Digest to photograph artists and brothers, Steven and William Ladd, in their Chelsea studio for their November 2014 issue. The Ladd brothers have been collaborating for the past thirteen years. Creating hand sewn boxes containing meticulously constructed environments, these projects are related to their shared memories from their childhood.

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Floto+Warner + Architectural Digest + Michele Oka-Doner

Floto+Warner were commissioned by Architectural Digest Daily to photograph New York City-based artist, Michele Oka-Doner, in her SoHo loft.

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f+w_Oka-Doner NYC_AD_7924

VAUGHAN HANNIGAN – Happy Holidays!

After another great year, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Below is a selection of favorite images produced over the past year by our artists.

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Floto+Warner + FiveThirtyEight + Christian Rudder

Floto+Warner were recently asked by FiveThirtyEight to photograph Christian Rudder, president and co-founder of the online dating site OKCupid in their New York offices.

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Floto+Warner + ESPN + Coaches Offices + Bob Stoops

Floto+Warner was recently commissioned by ESPN to shoot the offices of 6 football coach’s at Division I schools across the US . With the season in full swing, these intimate office shots offer fans an unprecedented view into the coach’s personal space. Below is the office of Oklahoma University’s Football Coach, Bob Stoops.

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Floto+Warner + Anónimo

Floto+Warner have been working on a personal project called Anónimo.

“Anónimo are photographs of US and Mexican nationals staged in an anonymous protest to raise awareness of the struggles of the ‘Normalista’ student protesters that were killed in their fight for education.  Inspired by the vernacular items that the protesters use to obscure their identities, our anonymous protesters stand wrapped and protected from discovery.

The ‘Normalistas’ are students that are protesting government educational reforms to privatize education. The ‘normal schools’ are part of a network of teacher training colleges that have long offered free education to the sons of farmers and rural poor.  If the government succeeds in its reforms, many of these students will be barred from attending due to poverty.

On September 26, teaching students from the Ayotzinapa ‘Normal School’ in Guerrero, Mexico were intercepted by police forces while en route to a ‘Normalista’ protest in Iguala. In the ensuing clash, six people were killed, and 43 Ayotzinapa students were taken away by the police. Witnesses and prosecutors allege the students were killed by a local gang after police handed them over.

This series is our response to the deep injustice and atrocity of this event.  We are examining notions of national identity, safety and freedom from the relative safety of the US.  This is a privilege that we don’t take lightly.”

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