Julia Fullerton-Batten + World Photography Organization

Julia was recently interviewed by the World Photography Organization for the first of their bi-weekly interviews with photographers selected as part of 2014’s THE FENCE, a summer-long outdoor photographic exhibition stretching over 1000ft in length shown in Boston, Brooklyn, and Atlanta.

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Frédéric Lagrange + PDN Photo of The Day + Wakhan Corridor

Frédéric’s photographs from the Wakhan Corridor were featured on PDN’s “Photo of The Day” blog today.  The images are from a personal trip he took to the region in 2012 where he documented the communities and landscape in the region.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + L’oeil de la Photographie + Beards

Julia’s most recent project, portraits of men with bears adorned with flowers, was featured today on the blog, L’oeil de la Photographie.  The images offer a dialogue on masculinity and bring to light the growing complexities of what we consider a modern man.

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James_Hunter_rtch_v3 copy

Oliver_Laggot_rtch_v4 copy

Gilles & Cecilie Studio + Fredrikstad Animation Festival + SWIMS

Gilles & Cecilie’s animation, “The Metronome for Walking,” for Norwegian shoe company, SWIMS, has been selected to be a part of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival in Norway this fall. Be sure to check out the festival’s official Twitter and Instagram for more updates and information on the event.

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Martin Schoeller + TIME Lightbox + The Photo That Made Me

Martin recently wrote a piece for the TIME Lightbox’s “The Photo That Made Me” series about an image he sees as boosting his career. In the article Martin talks about the below image, a portrait of Vanessa Redgrave he shot in 1999, an image he captured in only 10 minutes. Not only did this portrait catch the eye of his future clients, but also helped him develop a style he still shoots today.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Eclectix

Eclectix Online recently interviewed Julia for an Artist Feature. The interview covers Julia’s childhood memories, inspirations, as well as technical aspects of  creating the “surreal” world within her work.

“I have shot a whole series of projects based on the female psyche; from teenage angst to mother-daughter relationships and a grown woman’s downward spiral when confronted with unrequited love. Without embarrassment I admit to the auto-biographical nature of much of the content of these images. Having exorcised the past I have now fortunately moved on.”

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Babbacombe-broken eggs



VAUGHAN HANNIGAN is happy to announce the addition of Minnesota based illustrator, Anne Ulku, to our roster.  Anne approaches each project with fresh eyes,  breathing  new life into brands by digging deep into what they are about, uncovering their history and positioning them for the future.   Drawing inspiration from what surrounds her, she combines these ideas into colors, patterns, designs and typography.   Anne’s clients include Target, Colle + McVoy, Carmichael Lynch, BBDO, Apple, PBS, Olson, and Coca-Cola, to name a few.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Beards Project

Noting the prevalence of facial hair in fashion today and how the manicured, yet rugged man has become far more common, Julia set out to contrast these ideas.  She photographed these bearded men in overgrown green houses, depicting nature not only reclaiming space but also taking back the man, creeping into the subject’s beards.  Like Roald Dahl’s Mr Twit with countless food particles caught in his beard, these male subjects reflect the societal perception of the aloof man, however, are complicated by feminine floral arrangements adorning their faces.  These flowers, carefully intertwined with their masculinity, show not only the complexity of the male role within fashion but within modern society as a hole.  In essence, Julia’s images question the symbols and messaging associated with masculinity, the modern man is pulled in two directions. In one, showing a masculine side, but in another, displaying their sensitive being, all while these two notions begin to come full circle, the feminine becoming the essence of the rugged and natural man.  These images offer a provocative look at the nature of beauty and strength.

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Marc_Brady_rtch_v4 2

Frédéric Lagrange + Borderland Magazine

Frédéric’s Afghanistan portfolio is currently featured as a cover story in Borderland Magazine. Borderland is the largest photography magazine in China.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Everland Resort Korea

Julia was recently shooting at the Everland Theme Park and Resort just south the South Korean capitol, Seoul. Julia’s images highlight the park’s essence by focusing on the emotions and expressions of park guests and employees, casting them in a nostalgic neon and pastel glow.

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