Giles Revell + Lexus LS Innovations + Team One

Giles was selected to be the visionary for a recent Lexus LS campaign by Team One Advertising, conceptualizing and creating imagery to highlight the new Driver Attention Monitor system. The system uses scanning technology to simultaneously detect possible collision risks and a driver’s head position and alertness, then warns them of the potential threat and can even bring the car to a complete stop. Utilizing similar technology, Giles envisioned the world through the eyes of a Lexus LS, creating a 3d rendering of a human face and mapping it to a digital model. By taking real data and abstracting it, he brings us from reality into the aesthetic area, illuminating what is beyond the obvious.

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Giles Revell + The Female Condom

Partnering with life science publication, “Mosaic,” Giles shot images for a story about the female condom.  The article, which covers the past, present and future of the sometimes controversial yet empowering and lifesaving contraceptive option, was illustrated by his images of prophylactic in use.

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GIles Revell + Happy Friday Blog

Giles is being featured on the Happy Friday blog today.   Head over to their site to check out a bunch of his images and some stunning motion pieces.

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Giles Revell + Infiniti

Giles was commissioned by TBWA London to shoot the Infiniti Q50.  Crafting a unique technical approach to illustrate the agency’s concepts, Giles used laser light and shapes to reveal the cars form in a new and unusual way. Teaming up with Creative Director, Paul Belford, they worked to highlight a graphic interaction between the car and light source.

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As 2013 comes to a close, we wanted to share some our favorite images from this year.  In lieu of gifts, we have made a donation to The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. This has been a great year and we are looking forward to working together in 2014!

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Giles Revell + Hennessy Black

Giles Revell teamed up with Droga5 on a branding initiative for Hennessy Black, the first major new product from the company since 1961.  Referencing past projects, such as BBC Art Revealed, Giles used his signature process of suspending pigments in an aqueous substrate to craft these mesmerizing and ethereal images.  Shot at his London studio in a custom tank, he carefully lit the submerged bottles before injecting colored pigments into the surrounding liquid, wrapping the bottles in the swirling colors.

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Giles Revell + OLAY

Giles Revell was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi NY to shoot an ad for their client Olay’s “Skin Regenerist” line.  To ensure the image felt real, Giles had the lettering laser cut from mirrors and shot the models reflection in camera.

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Giles Revell + Feature Shoot

Giles was highlighted on Feature Shoot today by Carolyn Rauch, Deputy Director of Photography at Newsweek, who presented his “Flora Abstractions.”  The work “is part of a larger body of work which explores where graphics and photography overlap. The series is a departure from conventional photography, focusing on color and time rather than form and surface. The result is beautifully abstract graphic artworks.”  We have included a diagram below that might help understand the series and part of the motion portion of the project.

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Giles Revell + Penfolds

Working with design agency The Monkeys, Giles helped to conceptualize an ad campaign for Australian wine maker, Penfolds.  To illuminate the beautiful characteristics of each plant used in the companies most popular wines, “Penfolds Bin Series: Descendants of Grange,” Giles created bespoke glass tendrils that mimic each grape’s vine.  The glass tendrils were then filled with the wine they represent, acting as a signature for their respective bottle and Bin Number.

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Giles Revell + Port Magazine

In column titled “A Thousand Words” for Port Magazine, Giles opens up about the concepts that surround some of his recent work:

This image is taken from a series of four (so far), and each contains a sequence of 15  images exploring and documenting the evolution of a colour pallet. They’re made using inks in water, distributed in various ways by currents. The series is a progression from a very clean, precise graphic work documenting pallet I made immediately before this. I’m still developing the work. For me, heading down to Covent Garden for the early shift to pick flowers, to the bacon butty in the cafe all adds to the experience of creating the image.

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