Martin Schoeller + Tyler Seguin + ESPN The Magazine

Martin Schoeller recently teamed up with ESPN The Magazine for their Body Issue to photograph hockey player Tyler Seguin. The Body Issue is the magazine’s annual celebration of athletes’ amazing bodies, where we stop to admire the vast potential of the human form. Click here to see more from The Body Issue and be sure to check out a behind the scenes video below!

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Martin Schoeller + Uzo Aduba + Stylist Magazine

Martin Schoeller recently photographed ‘Orange Is the New Black’ actress Uzo Aduba for the June issue of Stylist.

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Martin Schoeller + Hamilton + Cosmopolitan

Martin Schoeller and Cosmopolitan recently teamed up to photograph the cast of Hamilton, a hip-hop inspired musical about founding-father Alexander Hamilton. Broadway previews for the acclaimed show begin July 13, 2015 at The Richard Rodgers Theatre.

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Martin Schoeller + Portrait(s) 2015 Festival

Martin’s ‘Close Ups’ are included in the 2015 Ville-Vichy Photo Festival in France. This year’s event focuses exclusively on the art of portrait and is held from June 12th to September 6th.

“It presents a plurality of visions, conceptual, fictional or documentary writings. A photographic stroll highlighting discoveries and rediscoveries.”

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Martin Schoeller + Time Magazine + Aziz Ansari

Martin Schoeller recently photographed Aziz Ansari for Time Magazine. The article features an excerpt from Ansari’s first book, Modern Romance: An Investigation. Check out the full article here.

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Martin Schoeller + People Magazine + Dolly Parton

Martin recently photographed singer-songwriter Dolly Parton for People Magazine. Martin recreates the feel of her 1986 PEOPLE cover, which also took place at Dollywood.

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Martin Schoeller Print + Broadcast for Southwest Airlines

For his third campaign with Southwest Airlines, Martin Schoeller partnered up with Austin-based GSD&M to shoot both broadcast and print.  With Southwest’s acquisition of AirTran now complete, the airline takes its place as the No. 2 carrier at the Atlanta airport. The campaign features real Atlanta-based Southwest employees.

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Martin Schoeller + Communication Arts

An interview with Martin Schoeller is now featured in the March 2015 issue of Communication Arts. In this article, Martin reflects on his early career, the portrait that started it all, and his approach to the craft.

“Immediately upon walking into Schoeller’s workspace, it’s evident he is in the midst of something remarkable. Every inch of the walls is pasted with images; even more are arranged on a posterboard in the corner. As I peruse the photographs, he explains that he is editing and sequencing his newest book, Portraits , which is a collection of the last fifteen years of his magazine photography. Eschewing the “big head” images that made him famous, Schoeller’s latest work is focused on his more conceptual portraits. A dizzying array of Hollywood stars, politicians, musicians and athletes, the images are unified by the boldness of Schoeller’s ideas and the strength of his compositions.”

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Martin Schoeller + Feature Shoot

Martin Schoeller recently did an interview with Feature Shoot about the portrait that launched his career, photographing celebrities and advice for emerging photographers.

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Martin Schoeller + Vanity Fair France + Angela Merkel

One of Martin Schoeller’s close-up images of Angela Merkel is now featured on the March issue of Vanity Fair France. Angela has been the leader of the Christian Democratic Union since 2000 and the Chancellor of Germany since 2005; the first woman to hold either office.

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