Martin Schoeller + Hasted Kraeutler + “Portraits” Opening

Images from Martin’s forthcoming monograph, “Portraits,” will be exhibited at Hasted Kraeutler Gallery in New York City. The exhibition, which is serving as a retrospective of Martin’s images, is organized to coincide with the release of “Portraits.” The monograph contains 150 black and white and color images spanning 15 years of Martin’s career. The opening reception for the event is on Thursday, November 13th from 6-8pm. The following week, on November 20th, the show will open in Berlin.

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Martin Schoeller’s + New Book! + “Portraits”

Martin has been busy working with German publishing company, TeNeues, on his latest monograph, “Portraits,” a collection of 150 black and white and color images. The book will be released in October and is currently on pre-order. Below are some Behind The Scenes images from the making of the book!

“Building on the success of his previous titles, Close Up and Identical, Martin Schoeller’s Portraits is cause for celebration. The illustrious photographer’s full range of expression is on display in this unprecedented gathering of editorial images. With an impressive amount of variety and scale, Schoeller shares his signature compositional imagination alongside the wry wit that animates his work. Whether portraits of political leaders, Hollywood stars, business entrepreneurs, or contemporary music royalty, these images are as daring as they are exacting, playful, and precise. Regardless of the subject and setting, Schoeller’s photographs seemingly come to life. While Portraits will surely thrill devoted fans, it will also attract new admirers with images they’ve noted in top magazines. Every frame in this expansive volume is touched with Schoeller’s distinctive flare for creating meticulously realized worlds—and confirm that he’s a talent that consistently resets the limits of photographic portraiture.”

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Martin Schoeller + Jeff Koons + Vanity Fair France

Martin’s image of American artist, Jeff Koons, is featured on the cover of Vanity Fair France’s October, 2014 issue.

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Martin Schoeller + People Magazine + Stephen Sondheim

People Magazine recently asked Martin to shoot American composer and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, for their August, 2014 issue. Sondheim was photographed in his New York apartment.

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Martin Schoeller + Entertainment Weekly + Robin Williams

With the sudden and untimely passing of beloved actor, comedian, and philanthropist, Robin Williams, Entertainment Weekly ran his portrait on their cover today.  The image was shot by Martin Schoeller in 2002 and we have included another image from this shoot below. Here at the agency, we are all deeply saddened by the actor’s death and are happy to play a small part in his remembrance.

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Martin Schoeller + New York Magazine + Tavi Gevinson

Martin was recently commissioned by New York Magazine to shoot Tavi Gevinson, founder of Rookie Magazine and aspiring actress, for the cover of their August 2014 issue.  The issue is on stands now!

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Martin Schoeller + Depend’s Underwareness

Martin teamed up with Ogilvy New York on an ongoing campaign for “Depend” called Underwareness. It aims to raise awareness of 65 million Americans who experience bladder leakage by donating a dollar to charity for every photo or tweet tagged with #Underwareness or #DropYourPants.

If you are in New York, “Depend” is sponsoring a Capital Cities show TONIGHT night at Pier 67, more info Here!

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Martin Schoeller + Jeremy Scott + Elle Magazine

Martin Schoeller recently photographed American fashion designer and newly appointed Mochino Creative Director, Jeremy Scott, for a profile in Elle Magazine.  Scott is famous for his appropriation of American pop culture imagery and outrageous design aesthetic.

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Martin Schoeller + GQ + Yasiel Puig + Men of the Year

Martin was recently commissioned by GQ Magazine to shoot Yasiel Puig for their “Men of the Year.” Piug, a 22 year old rookie outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, has had an amazing first month, averaging .436 with 10 RBIs in his first five games.

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Martin Schoeller + Vanity Fair France + Hillary Clinton

Vanity Fair France used an image, shot by Martin, of former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on their August cover.

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