Julia Fullerton-Batten + Oxfam + Print & Motion

Julia Fullerton-Batten recently partnered with Oxfam, a charity working to find solutions to poverty and injustice, for a brand new ad campaign. The campaign was a first for the online store, which has often been considered a well-kept secret. Julia headed up the creative as both photographer and director. To read more about the campaign and see a behind the scenes video, click here, and be sure to check out the commercial below!

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Oxfam Online Shop Shoot

Oxfam Online Shop Shoot

Oxfam Online Shop Shoot

Oxfam Online Shop Shoot

Ondrea Barbe + Virginie Millefiori

Ondrea Barbe recently teamed up with artisan jeweler Virginie Millefiori to create these beautiful sun-drenched images.

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OB__VirginieMillefiori_Jewlery-6 copy

Mike Piscitelli + Oakley + Eric Koston

Mike Piscitelli recently partnered with Eleven to photograph professional skateboarder Eric Koston for Oakley’s One Obsession campaign. The campaign comes with a call to action, to #LiveYours …

Every great creator, athlete and innovator is driven by an internal passion – a desire to turn their dreams and ideas into reality. We all have a special place where this obsession lives in the real world, from a remote mountain peak to a suburban garage. Join over 450 Oakley athletes in a global movement and celebrate where you #liveyours.

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Martin Schoeller + Hamilton + Cosmopolitan

Martin Schoeller and Cosmopolitan recently teamed up to photograph the cast of Hamilton, a hip-hop inspired musical about founding-father Alexander Hamilton. Broadway previews for the acclaimed show begin July 13, 2015 at The Richard Rodgers Theatre.

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VAUGHAN HANNIGAN + Mike Piscitelli + Worldwide

VAUGHAN HANNIGAN is excited to announce that award-winning photographer and director Mike Piscitelli has joined our roster with Worldwide representation!

At 36, Mike has a list of cross-media projects for some of the world’s leading brands from Nike, Adidas, and Beats by Dre, to Land Rover, Starbucks, and Dell. He has collaborated with Iggy Pop, the Mayor of Los Angeles, Dr. Dre, Rick Rubin, Oliver Stone, and Jeff Bridges among others.

His first feature length documentary, God Bless Ozzy Osborne, premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival and he is currently finishing up another high profile music documentary as well as two photography books. Mike also continues to shoot & direct editorial shorts and music videos in addition to advertising and personal projects. Be sure to check out Mike’s motion work here!

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Floto+Warner + The Telegraph UK

Floto+Warner were recently featured in The Telegraph UK. The article, “Interiors: A Brooklyn house of two halves”, spotlights the photography duo’s home, their eclectic mix-and-match pop aesthetic, as well as their hip interior design company, WRK.

“The use of pattern, murals, and the skimmed cement surfaces are all part of the base for what we do with WRK,” Floto says. “Also, each room is totally different, geared to the life that takes place in that particular space.” That means golden spray-can polka dots in an upstairs games room, and a tranquil, monochrome open-plan kitchen and dining area, with some Scandi-cool touches.

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Martin Schoeller + Portrait(s) 2015 Festival

Martin’s ‘Close Ups’ are included in the 2015 Ville-Vichy Photo Festival in France. This year’s event focuses exclusively on the art of portrait and is held from June 12th to September 6th.

“It presents a plurality of visions, conceptual, fictional or documentary writings. A photographic stroll highlighting discoveries and rediscoveries.”

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Erik Almås + New Personal Work

Erik recently crafted a new image inspired by mythology & the story telling of Joseph Campbell.

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EA_Car Crash_1100

Anne Ulku + 2015 Posters & Prints

Anne recently created a new poster for the 2015 Posters & Prints show. For this year’s beer-themed show, Anne’s poster celebrates the creative process.

“I had a brainstorming session as I was trying to figure out what to make for the 2015 show. And of course, over a beer, I started sketching random things, attempting to come up with something amazing. But what was intriguing to me, was that process. That occurrence of all the random ideas that come to mind and don’t come to full fruition. I enjoyed the way that the more beer I went through, the crazier and weirder and more fun the ideas could potentially get. So my poster, titled ”Creative” was that—a bunch of random creative brainstorm ideas fueled by a pint(s).”

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Martin Schoeller + Time Magazine + Aziz Ansari

Martin Schoeller recently photographed Aziz Ansari for Time Magazine. The article features an excerpt from Ansari’s first book, Modern Romance: An Investigation. Check out the full article here.

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