Gilles & Cecilie Studio + Netdiver Magazine

Gilles & Cecilie’s work was recently featured in Netdiver Magazine.  “Their works feel like a never-ending Summer of youthful boundary-less exhuberance.”

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Swisscom

Julia was recently commissioned by Heimat Berlin to shoot a campaign for Swiss telecommunications giant, Swisscom.  The images depict an inspired Switzerland, one where there are possibilities at every turn, it is just a matter of recognizing them.  Breathing life into this project, Julia’s dreamlike photos show people recognizing and discovering these opportunities everywhere.

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Floto+Warner + ESPN + Coaches Office + Brian Kelly

Floto+Warner was recently commissioned by ESPN to shoot the offices of 6 football coach’s at Division I schools across the US . With the season in full swing, these intimate office shots offer fans an unprecedented view into the coach’s personal space. Below is the interior of the office of University of Notre Dames’s Football Coach, Brian Kelly.

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f+w_Notre Dame_Kelly_ESPN_1242

f+w_Notre Dame_Kelly_ESPN_7538

f+w_Notre Dame_Kelly_ESPN_1326

Braschler/Fischer + Swiss Re

Braschler/Fischer has been partnering with reinsurance giant, Swiss Re, over the past few years.   These ads follow the 150 Anniversary Campaign that the photo duo shot for which they circled the globe, highlighting all people helped by Swiss Re.

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160.00.246 A4 Reinsurance NatCat.indd

Erik Almås + Print & Motion + Dassault Systemes

Erik’s work continues to translate a cohesive visual language throughout both still and motion imagery. Last year, he was commissioned by Frameworks Agency to travel to Namibia and shoot for Dassault Systemes. Below you can see the similarities between the photo and ad spot, Erik is able to adopt very similar tones and color palettes across his projects.  The work was art directed by Ray Brennan with an original Score by Dominic Brennan.

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Namibia NoBranding HB from Erik Almas on Vimeo.


Gilles & Cecilie Studio + Stella Magazine

Gilles & Cecilie Studio was recently featured in the September issue of Norwegian-based magazine, Stella.

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Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 5.00.49 PM

Mark Zibert + Sportsnet + Natasha Wodak

Mark was recently commissioned by Canadian magazine, Sportsnet, to shoot Canadian athletes for their “Beauty of Sports” 2014 issue. Traversing the norther nation, Mark shot 14 athletes over six-weeks on mountain tops all across Canada.  For this shoot, Mark and his crew traveled to Banff National Park in Alberta to photograph half marathon runner, Natasha Wodak.

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Floto+Warner + Canon Pixma Pro

Floto+Warner recently partnered with Canon and Dentsu to take part in a Canon Pixma Pro Printer campaign. Below is the image, which features the photo duo using the printer themselves.

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Julia Fullerton-Batten + Beards Project

Noting the prevalence of facial hair in fashion today and how the manicured, yet rugged man has become far more common, Julia set out to contrast these ideas.  She photographed these bearded men in overgrown green houses, depicting nature not only reclaiming space but also taking back the man, creeping into the subject’s beards.  Like Roald Dahl’s Mr Twit with countless food particles caught in his beard, these male subjects reflect the societal perception of the aloof man, however, are complicated by feminine floral arrangements adorning their faces.  These flowers, carefully intertwined with their masculinity, show not only the complexity of the male role within fashion but within modern society as a hole.  In essence, Julia’s images question the symbols and messaging associated with masculinity, the modern man is pulled in two directions. In one, showing a masculine side, but in another, displaying their sensitive being, all while these two notions begin to come full circle, the feminine becoming the essence of the rugged and natural man.  These images offer a provocative look at the nature of beauty and strength.

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Marc_Brady_rtch_v4 2

Frédéric Lagrange + Borderland Magazine

Frédéric’s Afghanistan portfolio is currently featured as a cover story in Borderland Magazine. Borderland is the largest photography magazine in China.

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