Martin Schoeller + New York Magazine + Larry David

Martin recently photographed Larry David for the newest cover of New York Magazine. The article talks about the new broadway play, Fish In The Dark, the new comedy written by and staring David.

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Frédéric Lagrange – Myanmar for Travel + Leisure

Frédéric has been busy traveling on assignment over the past few months. Travel + Leisure magazine commissioned Frédéric to shoot a cover story about life and culture in Myanmar. Frédéric also made a short film capturing the country’s beautiful landscape and culture. Be sure to check out the motion piece here. Frédéric also traveled to Tanzania to photograph a lifestyle story for Harper’s Bazaar UK. We have included some his images from the stories below.

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Myanmar for Travel + Leisure


Myanmar for Travel + Leisure


Myanmar for Travel + Leisure


Myanmar for Travel + Leisure


Myanmar for Travel + Leisure


Tanzania for Harper’s Bazaar UK


Tanzania for Harper’s Bazaar UK


Tanzania for Harper’s Bazaar UK

Erik Almås + Martin Schoeller + Resource Magazine

Erik and Martin were both included in Resource Magazine’s “12 Top Tier Portrait Photographers You Should Know”!

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Martin Schoeller + The Hollywood Reporter + Kevin Hart

Martin recently photographed comedian-actor Kevin Hart for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

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Frédéric Lagrange + Afghanistan Movie

Frédéric recently released a full-length movie for his project “Lost on the Roof of the World” from Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan.

“Lost on the Roof of the World” follows in the footsteps of Marco Polo and the Silk Road caravans who once traversed a unique and rarely visited part of the world. The Wakhan Corridor is a small stretch of land in eastern Afghanistan, compressed between the Hindu Kush mountain range, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and China. This territory is home to the Wakhi and Kirghiz people who lead lives virtually unchanged for centuries, battling an extremely rugged environment without roads or amenities. We follow a small Wakhi caravan, as they struggle through impossibly steep and narrow paths and landscapes of unusual beauty, tens of thousands of feet above sea level, to reach their destination.” – Frédéric Lagrange

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Martin Schoeller + People Magazine + President Jimmy Carter

People Magazine commissioned Martin to shoot former President, Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn Carter, for their October 2014 issue.

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Greg Williams + UNICEF

Greg recently partnered up with UNICEF to photograph football legend, David Beckham and music star, Robbie Williams, both longstanding Unicef Ambassadors. Greg photographed Beckham and Williams, fathers themselves, demonstrating the need to protect children from danger. The images have been released to highlight a new Unicef UK campaign to protect children from violence, disease, hunger and the chaos of war and disaster.

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Greg Williams – Bentley Signature Touch by Vertu

Greg Williams recently teamed up with Bentley to create a print and video campaign for the new Bentley Signature Touch made by Vertu. The Vertu for Bentley is a 13-megapixel Hasselblad camera phone with a sleek Grade 5 titanium casing and leather quilted trim to match Bentley styling.

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Martin Schoeller + Los Angeles Review of Books

Martin was recently featured in a video interview on the LA Review of Books website. The interview was conducted at the 2014 Paris Photo Review.

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Floto+Warner + Architectural Digest + Steven & William Ladd

Floto+Warner were recently commissioned by Architectural Digest to photograph artists and brothers, Steven and William Ladd, in their Chelsea studio for their November 2014 issue. The Ladd brothers have been collaborating for the past thirteen years. Creating hand sewn boxes containing meticulously constructed environments, these projects are related to their shared memories from their childhood.

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